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Innovative complex of restoring components transforms the hair after the first using:

- deep moisturizing;

- restoring the damaged structure and surface

- makes the hair smooth and shiny.

Hair Lamination is tree-step system of deep restoration and hair protection at home. Your hqair will become luxury, perfect and brilliant!

Step 1: Wash your hair with Shampoo lamination effect for thin or thick hair.

Step 2: Apply Serum lamination effect.

Step 3: Use Mask lamination effect or Conditioner lamination effect.

Shampoo lamination effect for thick hair strength and shine
This shampoo helps your hair become healthy, shiny appearance and elastic already during the soft, gentle and simultaneously effective cleansing. 230 g  
Shampoo lamination effect for thin hair volume and shine
Shampoo laminating effect soft and effectively cleanses thin and fragile hair. 230 g  
Serum lamination effect instant result for all hair types
Serum lamination effect instant result for all hair types 230 g  
Mask lamination effect super recovery for all types of hair
This product is for an active restoration of high damaged, lackluster and thin hair. 180 g  
Conditioner lamination indelible effect for all hair types
It contains special ingredients hair restoration. 145 ml  

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