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уход за чувствительной и проблемной кожей лица

Most of us usually think that problem skin is the exclusive concern of teenagers. Partly it is really true, the majority of young girls and boys from 12 to 18  encounter the appearance of acnes and pimples. However, the cosmetologists notice that at present time the problem skin “grows up”. Approximately every fifth woman from 25 till 50 suffers from time to time from higher fat, sensitivity of the skin and appearance of acnes. 

To care of the problem skin it is very important to do it regularly, i.e.  the specific preparations should be used not from time to time, but  regularly, every day.  Only in this case you may control the condition of the skin and enjoy your reflection in the mirror.

Teebaum Line created by the cosmetologists of Belkosmex is a system of everyday care of the problem skin. The products of this line were developed with regard to the latest researches in the field of biology and cosmetology. They are for the base Australian tea tree oil that is well known as the most effective vegetable antiseptic. Tea tree oil not only kills the pathogenic microflora, but also possesses  soothing and healing effect.

The problem skin   is very often accompanied by problem hair. Such hair gets greasy very quickly, and the haircut becomes negligent and untidy, the skin of the head may  itch and algetic acnes may appear on it as on the face. To help your hair to acquire luxuriance, lustre and strength, Belkosmex specialists have developed special products  normalizing the grease balance of the scalp, making it healthier, restoring normal nourishment of the hair and strengthening its bulbs.

Cleansing gel-foam for sensitive and problem skin with tea tree oil and calendula extract
It is a specially created foam gel free of soap. 80 g  
gel-cleansing mask for sensitive and problem skin with tea tree oil and d-panthenol
Gently cleans the problem skin. 125 g  
make-up removing milk for sensitive and problem skin with tea tree oil and oats extract
The most gentle milk easily removes the makeup, delicately cleans the skin at the same time soothing and disinfecting it. 100 g  
tonic for sensitive and problem skin with tea tree oil and d-panthenol
Perfect alcohol-free cleansing preparation for greasy sensitive and problem skin susceptible to inflammation processes and acnes. 110 ml  
cream for sensitive and problem skin with tea tree oil and d-panthenol
Has immediate anti-inflammatory effect, including for the teenager skin, intensifies the processes of restoration of inflamed areas of the skin, protects the skin against microbial flora. 80 g  
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