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интенсивное увлажнение и уход за кожей лица для разных возрастных категорий
The lack of the natural moistening of the epidermis and derma is the main reason of the early skin cell aging. The dry, dehydrated skin doesnt handle with the protection function from time properly and thats why it is subjected more to the harmful influence of the environment and time, and the skin loses the tone.
Products of line Hialuron+ consist of sodium hyaluronate that is a derivative of the hyaluronic acid the key moistening ingredient of the cosmetic industry and the natural component of the extra-cellular matrix of the human skin. It provides long moistening that improves the skin texture, making it softer, more filled and more elastic, it attaches healthy and young look.
The line provides comprehensive care for the face skin. You can find in the line cleansing products and also creams for everyday care for the skin around eyes and for the face, taking into account age needs of the skin.
foam for washing intensive moistening + cleansing for all skin types
This product is for those who prefer washing as a cleansing process. It cleans the skin delicately and effectively from the make-up and dirt. 150 ml  
milk for make-up removal intensive moistening + comfort for all skin types
For the ideal face skin cleansing from the make-up and dirt. Coconut phyto milk gives you the ultra soft care for your skin, provides the prolonged moistening, softening and protective effect. 150 g  
tonic for face intensive moistening + freshness для всех типов кожи
For cleansing and freshening of all skin types. Valuable microelements, vitamin C and carotene of rose hips extract improve the complexion, tone up and moisten the skin. 150 ml  
cream for eyelids intensive moisturizing + toning up 25+
High-efficiency care for the delicate eyelids skin. Sodium hyaluronate moistens perfectly, restores the skin elasticity and flexibility, and protects the skin from the premature appearance of mimic wrinkles. 15 g  
cream for eyelids intensive moisturizing + skin elasticity recovery 45+
Sodium hyaluronate provides prolonged moistening, gives back the skin tonus and elasticity. 15 g  
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