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Belkosmex is one of the largest Belarusian manufacturers of face, body and hair care products. Launched in 1995, Belkosmex offers its customers only the best to preserve their natural beauty as a source of inspiration.
  • We create cosmetics with love and care.
  • Carefully preserving the healing properties of natural ingredients, combining old traditions and new discoveries in cosmetology, we manufacture cosmetics that demonstrate visible results, bring pleasure, self-confidence and high spirits.

Two our research laboratories make it possible for us to develop cosmetic formulations, catering to the highest quality and most exquisite taste of our customers.

The use of environmentally friendly plant materials, refusal of animal derived materials and steroid preparations are the main principles in the development and creation of our cosmetics.

All cosmetics under the Belkosmex trademark are manufactured in the Republic of Belarus using high-quality raw materials, suppliers of which are more than 30 well-known foreign companies from Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, and Japan. All finished products undergo a mandatory product certification and state hygienic registration in the Republic of Belarus.

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Belkosmex — Enjoy your beauty!

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