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Laboratory and production

At present, the company has a fair number of capacitive equipment for cosmetic manufacturing and equipment for cosmetic packing in various consumer containers: cans, bottles, tubes, plastic bags and doypack bags. There is equipment for cellophane wrapping.
The increase in production capacity
Increase in production capacity
The company is constantly working on updating its technological equipment and increase in production capacity.
Special stainless steel equipment
Special stainless equipment
All parts of the manufacturing equipment, which are in direct contact with products, are made of special stainless steel.
Formulations approved by the Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus
All formulations are approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus
All cosmetic products are manufactured in accordance with technical regulations and requirements in force: TU, GOST, technical regulations of the Customs Union 009/2011 On Safety of Perfumes and Cosmetics, the conformity to which is proved with declarations of conformity and certificates of state hygienic registration received in the manner prescribed by law.
Unique recipe
Unique Formulations
UFor the manufacture of cosmetics under the Belkosmex trademark, unique formulations and innovative technologies are used. The company operates in accordance with GMP requirements to manufacturers of perfumes and cosmetics.
835 formulations

Throughout its existence, the Belkosmeks research laboratory has developed more than 835 formulations

Over 30 suppliers

Raw materials for cosmetic products are supplied from more than 30 leading foreign manufacturers, including BASF, SYMRISE, DOW, DSM, DDC, Clariant, Sensient, Alban Muller, Croda, Cobiosa, Codif, Sederma, Solabia, Induchem, Seppic, Silab, etc. from across the world: Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland, Japan, etc.

The policy of the company in the field of output quality is focused on the highest standards of quality management.
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